Amazon corp idrive download files

Amazon corp idrive download files

amazon corp idrive download files

Amazon Drive is a cloud storage application which offers features like file backup You can upload and backup data from multiple devices using Amazon Drive. IDrive isn't as easy to use as Backblaze and costs more, but it supports IDrive keeps up to 30 versions of files indefinitely, which means if you delete a file on Transfer encryption, SSL, SSL I know Wirecutter can't really take this into account the way you do on Amazon product reviews but it makes it. The former means that IDrive can transfer multiple files at once, Yes, IDrive and IBackup are both products offered by the same company, IDrive Inc. I have to point out that I had years of good cloud backup on Amazon. amazon corp idrive download files

4 Ways to Move Files Between Cloud Services

Why Transfer Files from One Cloud to Another?

Nowadays, using cloud services to store data has been a popular thing. Mainstream clouds like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive are favored by users with advanced features and users may be attracted by different functions provided by different services. In this situation, many users want to transfer files between cloud storage services and you might be one of them. But how to migrate? You will find 1 common way and 3 top ways to transfer files between cloud service with MultCloud.

Common Way: Move Files between Cloud Services with "Download" and "Upload"

Step 1: Login your cloud A.
Step 2: Select the files you want to move and click on “Download” to download them to the local storage.
Step 3: Login your cloud B.
Step 4: Click on “Upload” button to add these files to your target cloud.

Basically, you could move files from one cloud to other cloud with this method. But it costs you a lot of time to download and upload and such a process can be really slow when the network speed runs slowly.

But don’t worry, the following parts will introduce a free third-party tool, MultCloud, a free cloud to cloud transfer manager, to help you copy files between cloud services with 3 top ways without using downloading and uploading process.

Top Ways: Migrate Files between Cloud Drives with MultCloud

MultCloud is a free multiple cloud manager and it provides file transfer service from one cloud to another with a file selection option that lets you select the files and folders you want to transfer. Not only that, you can also select the desired destination folder to transfer all your files to another cloud storage service. Using this way your files will be as well organized as if they were stored in the previous cloud storage service.

Currently, MultCloud has three main functions: “Cloud Explorer”. “Cloud Transfer” and “Cloud Sync”. With the help of the former two functions, you can easily migrate files between clouds. To have a closer look at how it works, here we take OneDrive and Google Drive transfer as an example.

Before You Do:

1. Sign up first. If you do not want to create one account, you could click “Experience without signing up" to get one temp account to have a try.

2. Click on “Add Clouds” button and add OneDrive and Google Drive to MultCloud one by one.

After everything above is ready, you could move files between cloud services with MultCloud by using "Cloud Explorer" and "Cloud Transfer" utility.

Add Files from one cloud to another with “Cloud Explorer” Function

Solution 1: Drag and Drop

Step 1: Open up OneDrive account.
Step 2: Select the files that you want to move and just drag them from OneDrive to Google Drive.

Solution 2: Copy Files from OneDrive to Google Drive with "Copy" and "Paste"

Step 1: Open up OneDrive account and select the files you want copy to Google Drive.
Step 2: Right click “Copy” or “Copy to” to complete the task.


  • If you click on “Copy” icon, then you need to paste the files to Google Drive.
  • If you click on “Copy to” icon, you could choose Google Drive as the destination and click on “Transfer” button to directly move these files from OneDrive to Google Drive without pasting.

Transfer Files from OneDrive to Google Drive with “Cloud Transfer” Function

This method is also easy to operate and the difference between Solution 1 and Solution 2 is that “Cloud Transfer” function only allows you to transfer folders or the whole storage to the other clouds. So you could choose one solution based on your specific situation. The part below will introduce detailed steps.

Step 1: Click on “Cloud Transfer” button.
Step 2: Select the folders placed under OneDrive as the source and Google Drive as the destination.
Step 3: Click on “Transfer Now” to complete the task.


  • To select several folders, you need to select “Multi-Selection” option in the pop-up window first and then select the folders you want to move as the source.
  • As long as your task starts, you could close the page and even shut down your computer because MultCloud can run the transfer task at the background.


This paper provides four ways for you to move files between cloud services and you could choose one as you like. If MultCloud is your choice, it's not difficult to find it's not a desktop app but an application based on the web page.

Currently, MultCloud supports more than 30 clouds. As long as you have cloud drives that MultCloud supports, you could realize migration between cloud services easily.

Besides these two functions mentioned above, MultCloud also has “Cloud Sync” feature that can help you sync between cloud drives, so you can backup Flickr to Google Photos or sync multiple Google Drive accounts if necessary.

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Amazon corp idrive download files

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